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About Us

The Three Angels Media International (3AMI) is a Christian Media that creates multicultural and multiracial value-based inspirational contents and entertainment, using innovative technology and media. We tell and share stories of hope that shapes and mold character, challenge our audiences to schedule their priorities, heal, uplift, and restore. 3AMI will enrich viewers and diverse populations and families through films, series, shows, comedies, romance, thrillers, documentaries, mission stories, music, faith-based sermons, health and lifestyle, and other media presentations etc. to empower Adventist families and the Christian communities around the world to live on purpose while we wait for the Second and soon return of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We believe that what we watch matters, as a people with an assignment and on a mission on earth, working for the Master, watching, and waiting for his soon return. Looking at Hollywood today, the entertainment and the film industry in general, we understand that many films, shows, comedies, documentaries, children’s cartoons, video games and programming, and what is largely available in the streaming entertainment sector and Television do not promote Christian character building and development, making it sometimes very difficult to watch with family and children.

 The reason why majority of these programs, contents, shows, and films do not reflect Christ-values are because, many of the funders, producers, film makers, the actors and actresses and the talk show hosts do not know and have not encountered Christ, neither do they know his doctrines, nor share in his vision, plans and the knowledge of his will for humanity. The result is that what they largely produce and present for entertainment are made with an agenda that does not promote Christian values and ethics, the messages of Christ Kingdom and his love, nor uplift Christ followers. They do not help the Christian on his/her earthly journey to pause for a deep and personal reflection and encounter, or provide any tangible inspirational lessons for righteousness, justice, or holiness.

Because, what we watch and what our children watch help shape and mold our characters and influence our actions, we firmly believe that as a people who are enjoined to reach the world through the Three Angels Messages of Revelation 14:6-12, as Adventist Christian film makers and executive producers in the entertainment sector, that we can make a difference, by creating stories that is wholesome, healthy, and impactful by using the media and technology to empower and promote valuable lessons and reach the world for Christ through films and other inspirational and captivating media stories and contents.


The mission of Three Angels Media International (3AMI) is to use technology and Christian Media Platform to provide inspirational, multicultural, and multiracial contents and media-entertainment in films, series, shows, comedies, documentaries, health and lifestyle, music, mission stories, faith-based sermons, and other media presentations that uplift, equip, and empower Adventist families and the Christian communities around the world.



 The vision of Three Angels Media International (3AMI) is to provide outstanding and uplifting value-based and soul-searching good contents and media-entertainment, films, series, shows, health and lifestyle, and inspirational media to empower and equip the families of God around the world.



The goal of Three Angels Media International (3AMI) is to provide multi-cultural media-entertainment, and inspirational contents that shape character, provide hope, empower our audience for deep personal reflection on our earthly journey, and prepares the people for a higher calling by teaching and promoting moral, wealthy, healthy, and other valuable lessons that empower the viewers to live on purpose through the media.

The People of 3AMI

Catherine Moore
Curtis Webb

Executive Producer

Nick Ferguson

Production Manager

Andrew Simpson

Creative Development

Harlow Banks
Joe Priestley

Technical Director

Kevin Jen

Financial Director

Sharon Page

Office Manager

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